Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to write a quicky today :)


I stumbled across a blog today, and one of the posts really stood out, and I wanted to link up to it because its something everyone needs to wake up and embrace.  We, as women, have a pretty poor attitude about ourselves.  But this blog…is something we need to read daily to remind ourselves how beautiful we all are.  Even if we wake up looking like this guy:




Now, go look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are!!

-yes, it may take some time to see it, but if you focus on one thing today, focus on 2 things tomorrow  (ex. how pretty your eyes are, then tomorrow focus on your eyes, then move to your smile, then the third day look at your eyes, your smile, and maybe your nose)


sexylegsandbody said...

haha, I was wondering how you found "this blog"?
I guess it doesn't really matter, what matters is that I agree with you. Any woman can look great if she puts her mind to it.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you visit again soon.

Angie said...

Hey Kitty! I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know I have given you an award!
Have a great weekend!

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