Friday, September 3, 2010


imageNo Hayley, not that kind of fitness test!

(Apparently playing Mario tuckered her out!)


So I did a truly bad thing, and downloaded the Insanity videos.  Why is that bad?  I didn’t buy it. LOL, so…I’m kind of glad I didn’t.  I had this wild notion that I would improve my fitness using these videos.  Everyone’s in full support, as usual:)


Today was day one, which means…fitness test!  Here are my results:


Switch kicks –30

I will admit, I could not get my legs as high as they needed to be

Power jacks –20

Doing these…I felt I was going to crash through the floor!

Power knees –60

All I can say is “whaaaat??”         image

Power jumps –10

Not jumping very high, but I jumped as high as I could go

Globe jumps –3

A lot harder then it looks…really…

Suicide jumps –4

Hated these in high school…now I have to do them again?

Push-up jacks –1

I can’t believe I got one push up!

Low plank oblique –8

My toes gave out holding me up on this one, next time I will for sure get more then 8!


So, I will do the other videos for 2 weeks to see where it takes me on the next fitness test.  LOL:)  I will post a before shot after I shower, I will NOT post my weight, you can all guess on what it is.  I firmly believe weight has nothing to do with showing progress, its in the clothes!  Which, I sadly had to BUY a 2X shirt…waaa!!!

 image Also, my feet are extremely puffy…especially my right foot.  I hope once I get more fit this will change!